Thursday, November 18, 2010

Countdown near

The captor, and taker of rights in Ravalli County has only approximately 30 working days left.  Are the schredders going overtime in the Ravalli County Corn Palace?

With such a complete control over judges, law enforcement, and populace here, freedom must be allowed to seep out of our justice system.  Corn's ways must hit the highway.

We elected a new chief law enforcement officer, for a new standard.  The judges in this state are tired of lying, bending rules to protect Corn, they are probably thankful that the people had the guts to can him.

The 20 year old Honda, same car as his employees son....due to money spent for PROTECTION, not proof of economy by Corn.  When Baucus fell, so did Corn.  As an independent, that is an observation not a partisan dig.  30 days and counting.......Good-bye to Corruption, and Fear.

Justice Brings Prosperity....count it down.

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