Monday, December 13, 2010

Corn Responsible--Now or Later

George Corn will have to answer for his actions, morally, and legally.  A random look at a Montana Supreme Court case showed me the ultimate extreme of Corn's evil, other than living it every day.  Mine has the capability of improving, the 15 year old boy Mr. Corn put in prison for 15 years has to hang in there; he may never recover.  Corn tried him in a adult court for engaging in a sexual act, no rape, no murder.  The Supreme Court for Montana was hung up on the word "transfer".  Why? It was not normal to have a juvenile sex crime in adult court, the statute said 'when the case is transfered' to adult court.  That trick cost this boy 5 extra years of his life.  Nice work George, boy you did have power over peoples lives.  Not for long.

Corn sent a law student into a courtroom unsupervised. 
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According to the law, he is personally and professionally liable for this criminal act for violating a court order.  Maybe we should try him in a juvenile court, and then transfer it.  I certainly hope Lynda Corn, Corvallis schoolteacher learns of these and more horror stories of George Corn's practice in Hamilton, MT.  Makes the Duke prosecutor Mike Nifong look like the candyman.  The only difference is, Mr. NIfong went to jail for malicious prosecution.  Corn's buddies will protect him.  Terrorism in the Democratic Party: Lead Agent AG Steve Bullock, backup: Max Baucus.

Ravalli Co. Democrats
Take a close look what you have achieved Corn---Suffering, agony, death.  The people said that Justice brings Prosperity, and oppression is lifting....coming from other people to me.  You are gone from our lives.

Prosecute Geroge Corn for Murder:

We predicted the political avalanche, you were shocked.  Justice has its way....slowly if ever.

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