Sunday, May 1, 2011

Corn profits from improper influence

The last post we told you about George H. Corn, as county attorney in Ravalli County Montana improperly put a child in prison for 15 years, 5 of which was due to Corn's own sick play on the courts to add time.

Now curious George is on the other side of the isle, applying his skills of improperly influencing judges for the top bidder at Datsopoulos, McDonald & Lind in their Hamilton, MT office.
Milt Datsopoulos--Missoulian photo

In Montana, scum rise to the top, as George Corn is demonstrating.  As non-lawyers we wonder how George Corn can act as a prosecutor for 20 years, then act as defense counsel in the same county.  The "independent" judges in Ravalli County Montana are reminded that Corn no longer has abusive law enforcement behind him...that is, we think this is the case.

Of Note, Datsopoulos, McDonald & Lind misled a defendant regarding a civil rights, and a separate defamation claim against Lee Enterprises Inc. (Misssoulian, Ravalli Republic) and Ravalli County, saying there was no case.  Public beware!

What put the Duke Lacrosse prosecutor behind bars, and removed from practicing law, brought Attorney General Steve Bullock and YOUR tax dollars to protect Corn's contempt of court--by not supervising an unlicensed student Angela Wetzsteon, the AG tort division and a compromised Supreme Court in Montana.
Angela Wetzsteon celebrating contempt of court
The truth on the Internet: the only justice Montana, USA has.  When will court officers be held accountable for their criminal actions? [ref: MCA 45-7-309(c) criminal contempt of court order]

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