Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Brought Down George H. Corn

George Corn was in shock, as were his deputies at the Ravalli County Attorney Office in November 2010 when he lost the election after being in power for nearly 20 years.  There is good reason he lost his elected seat: a viral web site, Corn ordered offline:  BITTERROOT RISING now archived

Bitterroot Rising Archive

The 2009 Montana US President Letter by Roy P. Pilkey (about Civil Rights)

Beneath the Beauty Justice Documentary

The DVD called Beneath The Beauty, showed all problems in Ravalli County Montana pointing to George H. Corn: excessive bail (that which took 4 inmates to suicide).

The blog post "Prosecute George H. Corn for Murder" told the voters who he really is

Now George is attempting to influence the local justice system as a defense attorney for Datopoulos, McDonald &Lind in their Hamilton, MT office.

We had some help from the Former President too;
he wanted to put an earful of corn up a foxhole...

I encourage viewers to look at the ethical, legal, and yes criminal activity of George H. Corn in Montana found in blog posts at this site.  The voters had enough courage to CAN CORN, now we have to encourage everyone we know to NOT SPEND A DOLLAR AT DATSOPOULOS McDonald & Lind in Missoula, Montana or Hamilton, Montana.  Any connection to George Corn means we don't support it. 

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