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George Corn Hamilton MT (in Ravalli Co.)

This is an open letter to George Corn, former Ravalli County Attorney:

Dear George,

a couple of years ago, I wrote a piece called "Prosecute George Corn for Murder" regarding your efforts to destroy people's lives in Ravalli County Montana.  You have been prosecuted.
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It is not a crime to speak in public, and it is usually necessary to have probable cause for a crime, unless you are involved Mr Corn.  I asked a world audience to find my threat, and you made sure your contingent of judges in Ravalli County came up with tenants as "witnesses" and "thought" there was a threat.  The only threat was George Corn to Americans who happened to live in Ravalli Co. Montana.
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I think an egotistical person and power hungry person who has been stripped of all power is more in a prison than any false stay.   Hundreds, thousands  of residents here George voted you out of power because we showed them the turth.  You could not even protect a corrupt, inept Road Supervisor who had his workers intimidate me, and 8 Disabled Veterans in January 2009 in Drummond MT (100 miles from Ravalli Co.) in a federally registered van, on official duty from Fort Harrison, the VA Hospital in Montana.

Max Baucus, your best friend and senior US Senator from Montana who nominated Dean Edwin Eck to a US Presidential appointment to look the other way for your lapse: not supervising a law student in a court of law.  You are personally and professionally responsible for the three (3) Felonies committed by your student.  Your buddy Max gave $1.7M to the school to shut their mouths about you Mr. Corn.

The school Max built to keep George Corn out of federal prison:
The University of Montana Law School

The last ranked 145/145 law school in America:
The George Corn school of omissions,
corruption, and fraud.

One of my favorite touches was attempting to harass me on probation in Montana George.  When a felony yields no anger management classes, restitution, and a one year deferred sentence for asking for help in public, it was over the line to have the local law enforcement and probation officers to harass.
Now for the rest of their lives Mr. Corn, The Hamilton Police Chief Ryan Oster (who bullied the 4 suicides caused by your excessive bail to kill themselves) and Supervisor Kristina Bessenyey will have to live with being your bitch:

Gone in 30 Seconds;
unlawful entry, violation of 4th Amendment for George Corn

Probabtion Supervisor Kristina Bessenyey
Chief Ryan Oster
under command of the King: George Corn.

The real reason for this letter George is to say you are in a better prison than a real one.  You have watched you entire work in Ravalli Co. implode.  Your power is gone, and nobody gives a crap about you anymore after being the most feared man they knew.  As I said in the Bitterroot Rising Archives (the site you had a judge order down)

Bitterroot Rising Archives:

I played by the rules, AND I kicked your ass.  You were featured by proxy in the Documentary: "Beneath the Beauty" which ultimately was the weapon to make sure the voting populace was aware of your ministrations in Ravalli Co. and caused you to be shocked at your loss November 2010.  By the way, have you payed off that $26,000 on credit for your campaign yet?

Beneath the Beauty Documentary
George Corn in Ravalli County Montana

available online:

The best way we put you in your place was to have 15 Million people in the world wonder who the hell you were.  The letter to the first African American US President about YOUR civil rights violations is a hit.  They google your name, and read this Mr. Corn.

The Montana US President Letter: asks President Obama to find out who you are Mr. Corn.


Its funny that Governor Schweitzer is still attempting to get people to vacation or recreate here.  The reason people are not coming is you Mr. Corn.  So as the spokesman of "We the People" Montana I will sign off saying you will be the reason, outside the economy tanking that people will not come to Montana Mr. Corn.  It is a George Corn inspired Judicial Hellhole.  You partner Steve Bullock will have an uphill battle at Governor after defending you:

Steve Bullock in blue shirt, George Corn in red tie.
pictured in Hamilton, Ravalli Co. Montana.

as Bullock ran for Attorney General in 2008.

courtesy Bullock for AG

Recent Example of Steve Bullock protecting Corn
and former criminal law student Wetzsteon

read more: [steve Bullock running for Governor]

Your legacy will be the abuse of rights of citizens like me.  This is your prison, that you did not follow the rules, and you encouraged some of the worst law enforcement in America as chief law enforcement officer as Ravalli County Montana "County Attorney" from 1991-2010.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment for bringing you to justice for all of your victims.

George Corn's Legacy:

Prosecute George Corn from Hamilton MT for Constitutional violations

Yup George IT's ALL I CAN DO: [fron the CARS (1979)]

  • stand up to the US President and his Montana Staff
  • counter the Montana Dept. of Justice [ ]
  • and show the world your dirt.

Look ! Its a Librarian in Distress---its all I can do.

As the people of this country are waking up to the fact that prosecutors are violating people's rights, I invite you to spend a week in 19 hour lock-downs for protected activities; activities you should have protected if you had any sense of right and wrong Mr. Corn.  Here is a video about freedom, and the people's choice to be free.  As Presidential appointment allowed the Dean of the law school Edwin Eck to "look the other way" for your criminal mistake, I proudly show this video seen by 6 million Americans in 4 days.

If the 44th President will not uphold our rights, the people will get rid of him.

This is a 5 minute message about American rights, freedom from We the People
to President Obama.

I wish you well in your suffering Mr. Corn.  What you are feeling is KARMA.  It is amazing what the people can do; like showing a tyrant who they actually are.  Its going to take more than a presidential appointment, and White House staff to protect your crimes.  We published them to the world, and no one is coming to Ravalli Co, and fewer are coming to Montana as a result of your actions outside of your oath, and the law.


Michael E. Spreadbury

Decorated FEMA officer,
exceptional Geologist,
proud to avenge the death at George Corns hand; Ravalli County Jail 2005
former spokesman: We the People Ravalli County Montana.

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