Saturday, June 9, 2012

A George Corn Mistake

George Corn was in control of everything in Ravalli County from 1991-2010.

A recent finding in Ravalli County: 70 homes built in the floodplain.  Everything was for favors in George Corn's world.  If you were not liked, Mr. Corn prosecuted you for something he allowed his friends to do with no sweat.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency just came in to the county and found 70 violations of building in the floodplain Zone A areas (100 yr.).  George Corn is to blame.

As the US economy has hit bottom, and Ravalli County residents are living on air, an assessment of paying floodplain insurance will make many of these 70 residents leave, or not take summer residence in their floodplain homes.  Ravalli County can thank George Corn for that deficit.

Flood insurance does not cover all expenses for a flood event.

As residents leave, the County will loose significant income.  Perhaps George Corn should not have messed with a decorated FEMA officer who could tell there was no law in George Corn's Ravalli County Montana.

Building in a Floodplain
Ravalli County Montana

George Corn was wrong 68 times with respect to
Ravalli Co. floodplain.

Make sure to read these sites about George Corn Hamilton Montana:

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This is the tailings of the mess George Corn has done to people in Ravalli County, and looked the other way for crime, and prosecuted when there was none.

How does someone get so callous?

Why would anyone hire George Corn, or his Firm Datsapoulos, McDonald, Lind in Hamilton MT?

Criminals protect criminals in Montana....come visit soon, just make sure to put down your cellphone while you are in the unincorporated city of Hamilton, MT.

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