Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Recycle George Corn

I saw the darndest thing the other day.  Recycled Corn Plastic.  Who would have thought that George Corn would have a useful purpose after this life.  With all the judicial destruction for more than 2 decades, it is comforting to know that George Corn, keyfigure in the Montana US President Letter would be able to be recycled.

What should George Corn become?  A sex toy?

I think all of those wrinkles would not manifest itself in any sort of plastic product.  Now that I think about it, George Corn should be one of those big alley-way trash cans.  It would give him a lifetime of his own stink.  How appropriate.

George Corn is retained by Milt Datsapoulos because of his improper influence in the Hamilton, MT courts.  So if you need a divorce, George Corn can tip the hand of the Judge.  Its all about the George Corn cashish now.

What a sad SOB.  All of his power gone, the almighty commissioners of Ravalli County all but silenced George Corn, once able to put "guns to their heads" (thanks for the tip Chilcott) and get whatever he wants.

I want George Corn to be recycled plastic.  So the next time you throw something away, remember, very soon, it just might be recycled George Corn from Hamilton Montana.

If you have an idea about what George Corn should become, email my blog hawk Crystal Cox at Crystal@crystalcox.com.

Be GLAD, George Corn glad that we canned him in 2010.  Its only a matter of time before he becomes recycled. 

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