Monday, October 25, 2010

Angela Wetzsteon Montana Law Student Protected, Controlled by George Corn Ravalli County Attorney?

Angela Wetzsteon, as many law students do in The State of Montana practiced law unsupervised. The problem with this is, a court order which allows them to do this specifies a supervisory attorney in good standing with the Montana Bar.

It is said that On August 8, 2007 Angela Wetzsteon did prosecute a case which by right of speedy trial (Amendment 6, US Constitution) had no business being tried, specific to the case, the case hinged in justifiable force, and the inalienable right to protect property in Art. II s. III of the Montana Constitution.

It is said that for Some Reason this was a deliberate, and outrageuous act on the part of the Ravalli County Attorney Office, and George Corn as lead attorney.

Strangely enough, George Corn was listed as Angela Wetzsteon supervisor: which means that he was "personally and professionally liable (MT Student Practice Act of 1975, order #12982)" for all actions of Angela Wetzsteon, so Angela Wetzsteon answers to Ravalli County George Corn.

George Corn, the Corrupt Ravalli County Attorney has been best friends with Montana Senator Max Baucus for 20 years and seems to above all Montana Law that YOU have to Abide by.

County Attorney's SHOULD not be Above the Law - a Montana County Attorney Should Enforce the Law. YOU, the Public KNOWING the Truth and Demanding Transparency and Accountability is the Only way Corrupt County Attorneys like George Corn can be brought to justice.

Audry Shultz also practiced law "independently" at the Missoula County Attorney office prior to her '09 graduation from the University of Montana Law School where she obtained a Juris Doctorate.

She now works for the public defenders office in Billings, after being a prosecutor in the same state, in violation of Montana state law. Student Practice has been the norm in Montana since at least 1996 when a candidate for County Attorney in Montana was granted "student experience" to be an eligible candidate for office in the state. She also worked in the Missoula County Attorney Office in 1990. This problem, spans 20 years in Montana.

Will Irma Russell, the new UM Law Dean speak with anyone about this? It is Said that She refuses to meet with the public at a publicly funded law school in Montana. Is student practice harmless; well think of the damage of an undertrained, unsworn, and an individual who has not yet passed the Bar Exam in the State of Montana.

Do they know the rights, privileges, and ways of being a certified court officer, will you get the full cup of justice in the last ranked state in the union for justice, Montana? Think of the thousands of people who have suffered through not having appropriate counsel, lost their jobs, lost their lives, or simply lost their livelihoods.

In the State of Montana, it is a crime (criminal contempt MCA 45-7-309) to violate a court order.

For some reason, court officers and the judicial system never thought the people of Montana, would figure this criminal scheme out.

They have all the power to take individual rights, and keep safe this ilegal practice from the people. The Montana Supreme Court is defying its own edict and order to allow student practice to improperly occur in the State of Montana.

Should we allow those who break the law to continue on to be lawyers in Montana, or more likely, this is the test to make sure they can be Montana Lawyers....can you violate someone's rights, and commit a crime, in Angela's Wetzsteon's case quid pro quo to land a job?

Angela Wetzsteon was an award winning student at UM Law in Missoula, and passed the test to become a criminal as well.

Why was The Montana Attorney General office was quick to support Angela Wetzsteon in her illegal activities...the same office who supposedly protects Montanans from unauthorized practice of law.
This is the ultimate conflict of interest unless the Montana Attorney General is filled with people willing to make from Steve Bullock himself with respect to protecting George Corn in 2007 after this student practice.

It seems that the Montana Attorney General office promotes and protects criminal activity.
Makes Sense, as even with the Lincoln County Sheriff Recall we got letters of ... WELL no Help at all from the Montana Attorney General even with over 40 rapes, and no where to turn for Justice, for Accountability...

Why Does the Montana AG Support a UM Law Student within a clinic prosecuting without a license?

Welcome to Montana, spend all of your money, leave, or we will take your rights, your livelihood, and possibly your life. - this is how people feel, and it seems to be mostly what is deemed "outsiders" - however.. me a 4th Generation Montanan standing up for the Truth and For Victims rights.. well I too got set up, money and rights taken and ran out..

The Montana Bar Association, Montana AG, Ravalli County George Corn protecting those like Angela Wetzsteon and hundreds like her in Montana is a HUGE part of the problem that is stripping Montanas of their Rights and taking away all quality of life.


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