Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hamilton Montana Corruption. George Corn County Attorney - Sheriff Chris Hoffman Reign Terror Never Ends.

George Corn Ravalli County Attorney IGNORES Victims Rights Over and Over and Protects the Corrupt Sheriff Chris Hoffman and Corrupt Justice of the Peace Robin Clute of Hamilton Montana.

Montana Corruption, such as Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney - Sheriff Daryl Anderson and the Corruption in Polson with Sheriff Lucky Larson .. well see their favorite line is .. "It's Pending Investigation" - "it's under investigation" -


Sit down and Shut UP.

We are not now, nor are we ever going to investigate this.

We will do as we Damn Well Please.

We do not care who it hurts or how many years you wait for justice. and NO you can't have a copy of the complaint or anything else for you lawsuit against anyone.. Now Get on Up Out Here before I PUT you UNDER Investigation, Raid your Home, Take Your Computers, Have My Cronies in Law Enforcment Stalk and Harass you.. or get my Justice of the Peace Cronie to Get on Your Ass..

Ok Well a Pending Investigation is COMING Someday.. So Please KEEP this Information a Secret, Ok... Shhhh - We Do not Want anyone to KNOW how Corrupt Hamilton Montana Is.

What is Sheriff Chris Hoffman and George Corn Ravalli County Attorney Doing about this One.. ??

"" On the morning of May 6th, 2010 at 7:30 am I received a phone call from a neighbor Michael Teeple requesting 3/4 minus road material on his road.

We live in Meadow Lake Estates, a gated entry community of 25 homes on 20 acre or more lots.

We were spreading road material the previous day and Mike nearly ran me over with his truck, just normal harassment he is know for.

I told him over the phone" he needed to learn how to drive, you almost ran me over" and hung up. He called back, I didn't answere. About 20 minutes later I see him speeding down the road to our home. I got my hand gun and was headed to our front door when I heard him banging on it.

I opened the door and he was standing on the front porch 15 feet away waving his arm from me to come to him. I said " mike, it is not going to happen", I could see his rage and an attempt to fight me, Then I said "your not welcome here and you are trespassing and leave or I will shot you."

He started towards me , I backed up and turned to grab the door handle and shut the door, at which point he was at the door and punched me in the side of my head knocking me to the floor in our foyer.

He was on top of me when I shot him in his side, which did nothing to stop him from beating me. On the floor struggling with him, he had ahold of my gun and was turning it towards my face. I fired it again, this time hitting him in his jaw.

It still took 20-30 seconds for him to yeild his grip and lay on his side. My wife was standing there in shock and I told her to call 911.

As I was working on him to keep his airway clear, my wife was talking to the 911 operator telling her what was happening and giving directions to our home.

During this time he asked me to pray for him, which I did. He asked me not to press charges and that he was sorry. My wife still talking with the 911 operator and she talking to the deputies, telling them of what was happening, after 30 minutes they arrived.

The operator told my wife that we should walk outside with our arms up and follow the sheriff deputies instruction's.

The sheriff's deputies which responded, were the whole day shift for Ravalli County.

One yelled at me with a M-16 pointed at my head to keep my arms up, and I was handcuffed. My wife was also handcuffed.

It had snowed that evening and there was snow on the ground, she had her slippers on and asked if she could get a pair of shoes, the deputies response was, "you had plenty of time to do that" no. We were each placed in sheriff deputy cars. and asked for statement's. We felt so victimized.

They still had not realized that I was running for Ravalli County Sheriff.

Then Sheriff Hoffman arrived, I could see him going around talking to his deputies and then stuck his head in the window of the vehicle and said "your done here, right, you can take his cuffs off " ?

He put me in his car and said he was taking me to the hospital and that my wife could follow us there.

I was put in a treatment room with the shade pulld closed.

My wife arrived and we were in that room for a few hours waiting to be treated, during which the Sheriff and a young deputy stayed with us.

After about a hour the under-sheriff arrived and asked me if he could ask me a personal question, I said ok, "he ask's are you spiritual, I say YES, very much so, then he ask's me if he could ask another, I say ok, he ask's "would it be alright if we could pray".

So he say's a pray and then states, I'm sorry you had to have this happen to you and your wife, and leaves. Since, this has happened to us we have talked many times to Sheriff Hoffman and County Attorney Corn, alway's asking what would happen and if my attacker has been arrested or charged. To this date he has not and is walking the streets.

I'm sure that politics are playing a large part in the inaction of both the Sheriff and County Attorney.

We feel that they want the rumor mill to do the damage.

The Sheriff has asked me not to tell our story until there investigation is over.

Now, it is in the County Attorney's Office. ""

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