Friday, October 1, 2010

George Corn Has Hamilton Judges do his Dirty Work to Silence Bloggers Posting FACT about His Corruption.

Montana Protective Orders are Given to HIDE Montana Judicial and Law Enforcement Corruption.

In the State of Montana Protective Orders are NOT mutual and they are used to control what is written on Blogs, what is told about the area Corruption, used to STOP letters from being displayed at local libraries, used to teach people a lesson or as a way to get them in jail for a possible famous "Montana Suicide".

The Law in Montana for Who Can Get a Protective Order is Clear.

However the Justice of the Peace does not have a certain standard of paractice, the public votes them in, they of course lie in their campaign about integrity and wanting to obey and enforce the laws and then they Give Protective Orders Not Based in Law at All.

And no one can STOP these Corrupt Justices of the Peace, Especially such as Ravalli County Montana where George Corn the County Attorney protects the Corrupt - Illegal Activity of the Justice Of the Peace Robin Clute. And the Montana Supreme Court Protects the Corruption of Ravalli County Attorney George Corn.

Your Life, Business and Quality of Life is in the Hands of a Montana JP, Justice of the Peace and yet there are No Quality Control Provisions. In Hamilton Montana, Justice of the Peace Robin Clute Over Rules District Court Judge Haynes in Giving a Protective Order Against Montana Laws.

Judge Haynes - Hamilton Montana Denied me a Protective Order with Piles of Proof and REAL Fear.. and then a Local JP, Judge Robin Clute overrides this and gives a protective order without paying any attention to those same laws, why? To Protect Corruption in Ravalli County Montana and Lincoln County Montana.

Here is the Reasons the Ravalli County Montana Judge Haynes Denied my Protective Order

Click Here for Judge Haynes Hand Written Reasons of Denial

Thing Is Judge Haynes May very well be the only one in my story at that did actual go By Montana State Laws.

Here is the Actual Laws That Hamilton Montana Districe Judge Haynes Quoted as his Reason for Denying me a Protective Order.

Yet JP Robin Clute Gave My Stalker
a Protective Order AGAINST Me.

Have you Been Set up by a Montana Protective Order, Jailed by a JP for no Reason, has your Montana Civil Rights been Violated by Judge Robin Clute in Hamilton Montana or any other Montana Justice of the Peace?

If so eMail Montana Native
Investigative Blogger
Set up and Violated for over a Year Now
by the Judgement of a Corrupt Montana JP
Crystal L. Cox

More on Montana Corruption at

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