Friday, October 1, 2010

Lee Newspaper Chain Loves the Corrupt Ravalli County Attorney George Corn.

Corrupt, Jaded, Flat Out WRONG Lee Newspaper Chain Comment Read
Now Folks this Comment is Special as well the Corrupt Lee Newspaper Chain who does the Dirty Work of Corrupt Montana Politicians, well they DO get this Internet Thing and this Comment coming up High in the Search Engines is NOT an accident.. it is a Set Up..

So Who is This Ron Skinner and Just HOW did
the Super Duper George Corn EARN Trust?

"Ravalli County elections: George Corn has earned our trust

I do not have much use for political parties - Democrat, Republican or tea party. They all stir up divisiveness. I am much more comfortable voting for a person I trust with a record I trust, regardless of party.

George Corn has earned my trust.

I know George Corn to be a man of his word, dedicated to serving both the law and the citizens of Ravalli County. When I served as executive director of the Valley Veterans Service Center, I saw this dual dedication play out in a unique way.

Last year I asked Corn, a veteran himself, to explore whether Montana law would allow Ravalli County to put before voters a proposed mill levy to support the VVSC. The center had assisted several thousand veterans of all wars since opening in 2006, while drastically cutting claim turn-around time and it was achieving a high success rate on its claims.

Veterans Administration decisions regarding local veterans' claims were bringing literally millions of dollars into the county annually. Yet as the VVSC grew, it faced an uncertain future surviving on private donations alone.

Corn studied the law and determined that it did allow for a veterans' mill levy to be brought before county voters. His office wrote a mill levy proposal supporting the VVSC, and I sought support from commissioners to place it on the ballot.

George Corn 's legal response to my request was not only respectful of Montana law, but also in touch with the will of county citizens: last May, voters passed the veterans' mill levy by an unprecedented 72 percent.

For reasons such as this responsive use of the law to benefit our county, I support George Corn for another term as County Attorney - and I encourage all county citizens, veteran or otherwise, to do the same.

Ron Skinner, Corvallis "

Looks Like a Tax Hike to me.. and well George Corn supporting Veterans? Sounds Lovely in Theory But Check the FACTS.. go Look at what he HAS DONE.. not what he PROMISES to DO.

No Folks the Corrupt Ravalli County Attorney George Corn did NOT earn your Trust, George Corn set you up, Rigged your Elections, Corrupted your Judges, did not prosecute real crimes while he set up others for crimes they did not do.

George Corn is Corrupt - DO YOUR Homework and Never - EVER believe the Paid Off, Corrupt Lee Newspaper Chain. Look at the George Corn Facts Folks, Go see the records, the plea bargains, the things that do get prosecuted and the Massive Crimes that Do not.. take a look at HOW your Montana is Spent by Ravalli County George Corn to Protect Montana Corruption, Crimes and Cover Ups in Hamilton Law Enforcement, and well.. take a Deeper Look at the TRUTH..

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